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Being the daughter of Late Mr. Dattatraya Paranjape, a teacher and the author of several books published by Navneet Publications, I believe the passion for teaching runs in my blood.

From a very young age, whenever I imagined myself pursuing a profession, I always saw myself working as a teacher. I was also selected for the post of a teacher in a reputed school in Pune, however, it was only after my youngest daughter completed her 10th std in 2004 that I felt that I was ready to pursue my dream of teaching. Till 2004, I helped my father with his work of writing books and co-authored the book Speak Well English with him. The experience of teaching my own daughters as well as working with my father taught me a lot of valuable skills.

I started my academy for teaching students from 5th to 10th grade (SSC Board) in the year 2005. I realized that the problem faced by a lot of students is the lack of personal attention in schools and hence, they look towards tuition classes to cover for this loss. Further, as there are differences in the capabilities of the students, individual attention is necessary. With this in mind, I decided to start batches with 15-20 students.

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In the past 12 years, I have come across students who are the brightest as well as the ones who have a complete lack of basic understanding of subjects. However, I can proudly say today that every student who has attended my class has definitely shown an improvement in comparison to their previous grades.

I have a strong conviction that the grades from 5th to 10th are formative and extremely important for the future development of the student. I feel that successful careers are made only when good grades in these years are supplemented by a deep understanding of the subjects, especially Science and Mathematics. But only focusing on Science and Mathematics is insufficient because one can succeed at these subjects only if he can form and communicate his answers properly, which can be achieved only by becoming proficient and fluent in the use of languages.

You can find out about our upcoming events and activities on my Facebook Page. I also conduct free events for teaching the basics of Mathematics/ English grammar. These events are posted on my Facebook page and there are limited seats. So please contact and secure your seat in time.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me on my email id nerurkarseema20@gmail.com

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